Expert on international crime and security to visit campus

pete palmer

Morton “Pete” Palmer, a retired CIA officer and expert on crime in Mexico, will visit Sewanee September 30. While on campus, Palmer will give a public talk, "International Security Realities—as they impact on individuals, businesses and governments," in Gailor Auditorium. He will also meet with students in a Politics class and during other scheduled sessions.

Palmer served in the CIA for almost 30 years, including posts in Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Perú and México. His work focused on countering terrorism, Soviet espionage, and the flow of narcotics into the U.S. Since then he has founded two Mexican security consulting companies (with Fortune 100 clients) and has been a consultant for crisis management and negotiated recovery of kidnap-for-ransom hostages.

He is an expert source for the media (including the Wall Street Journal, PBS, ABC and CBS) on crime, kidnapping and threats to private citizens in Mexico and a frequent speaker on the topic of crime (specifically kidnapping) in Mexico. Palmer has degrees in literature and law from the University of Virginia. He is currently writing a novel about a hostage recovery in Mexico.

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