Next steps with Rebel’s Rest

RR aerial photo

The University has engaged Antique Log Cabins of Chatsworth, Ga, to conduct the disassembly of Rebel’s Rest, which was announced in August. The project of dismantling, evaluating, cataloging, and storing building elements will be led by Kerry Hix, owner of the firm. Hix has done similar work on more than 300 historic log buildings. Work will begin in the next several weeks and is expected to take several months. Following the disassembly, the site will undergo archaeological investigation for evidence of earlier structures. (Aerial photo, right, taken in August from the front of Rebel's Rest.)

Before beginning this process, the University engaged two structural engineers, each with experience in historic structures, to evaluate the building. The University also contacted the state codes office, which has code enforcement authority in Sewanee. State authorities have confirmed that the extensive damage sustained by the building cannot be repaired without following current building codes. A duplication of the structure as it existed before the fire, or of any earlier version of the house, is not possible if the building is to be used and occupied.

Reports by the two structural engineers, one of whom is regularly recommended by the Tennessee Historical Commission, indicate that some of the original logs and timbers may be salvageable for reuse. These will be identified and stored during disassembly.

No further determination has been made regarding the future use of the salvageable materials, or the site itself. (Photo, left, taken from above and behind Rebel's Rest.)

Questions regarding Rebel’s Rest should be directed to Laurie Saxton, director of media relations, or to John Swallow, provost.

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